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The Plaster Jacket Authentic Dinosaur Bone Dig 
The Plaster Jacket
Inside this Plaster “Field’ Jacket is an authentic piece of 66 million... VIEW

Authentic Dinosaur Bone Dig 
2-4 inches  |  Item 4000 


Edestus Shark Tooth Whorl 
Edestus is an extinct genus of edestoid cartilaginous fish known from the Late Carboniferous (Pennsy... VIEW
solid resin 
13x3x1.5 inches  |  Item 3985 


Dilophosaurus 3D printed adult skull 
This skull was 3D printed using carbon fiber filament. It is very strong and lightweight.

3D Printed Carbon Fiber 
18x11x5 inches  |  Item 3984 


Tyrannosaurus rex, skull model 1/3 scale 
This is a 1/3 scale Tyrannosaurus rex skull. Cast from high grade resin. Dark brown antique finish. ... VIEW
19.3″ x 11.4″ x 19.7″  |  Item 3986 


Tyrannosaurus rex, skull model 
Cast from high grade resin. Dark brown antique finish. Museum quality decor that can be appreciated ... VIEW
6″ x 5″ x 4.5″  |  Item 3987 


Basilosaurus, early whale tooth molar 
Basilosaurus sp. Molar Tooth

Basilosaurus (meaning "king lizard") is a genus of large... VIEW

5.5" long x 2.5" wide  |  Item 3983 


Panthera atrox Pleistocene American Lion Skull with stand 
Panthera atrox was the largest lion to have ever existed, this individual weighing an estimated 900 ... VIEW
17 ¾" L x 11 ½" W x 8 ¼" H  |  Item 3982 


Oviraptor Dinosaur Egg Nest with 2 eggs 
In 1923, Roy Chapman Andrews gave the name Oviraptor philoceratops (egg eater) to a dinosaur they fo... VIEW
8.75x6.5x4 inches hollow back  |  Item 538 


Lot of 25 Miniature Dinosaur Figure Toys 
Lot of 25 Miniature Dinosaur Figure Toys

Great for Play & Party Favors

... VIEW

2.25-2.75 Inches Long  |  Item 544 


Diplodocus dinosaur vertebra Chevron 
Diplodocus Chevron Bone
Jurassic Age, Utah

Chevrons are a series of bones on t... VIEW

8.75x4x1.5 inches  |  Item 3971 


Authentic Oviraptor Dinosaur Fossil Eggshell in Display Case - Example Listing 
You are buying 1 piece of authentic Oviraptor dinosaur eggshell similar in size and condition to the... VIEW
authentic dinosaur eggshell 
1/4 to 1 inch maximum diagonal  |  Item 3949 


Struthiomimus Hand Claw 
The original claw was found in the upper Cretaceous (66 million year) Hell Creek Formation of Hardin... VIEW
5.75 Inches around the curve  |  Item 3945 


Hopewell Culture "Duck Pot" reproduction  
“Duck Pot”

Hopewell Culture

You are buying a wonderful reproductio... VIEW

5" tall and 4.1/4" across.  |  Item 3944 


Adena-Hopewell Culture Human Effigy Pipe reproduction 
Human Effigy Pipe

Adena-Hopewell Culture

This is a wonderful reproduc... VIEW

7 7/8 x 2 5/8 x 2 inches  |  Item 3943 


Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size 2 Piece Skull Sculpture 
This is a two-piece skull with the skull and lower jaws made in separate pieces. This allows you to ... VIEW
Super Dense Foam Sculpture 
51 x 38.75 in (Life Size)  |  Item 4801