...THEY'RE BOTH REPLICAS. Many of the skulls and skeletons on display in world-famous museums are replica fossils. Museums, schools and private collectors have found that casts of original fossils have many advantages for exhibit, education, and research. Durable, lightweight, and scientifically accurate, replica fossils are now available to the general public as well.

Own a Tyrannosaurus Skull Today!
Most of us will never own a real Archaeopteryx, a real Tyrannosaurus tooth, Velociraptor skull, or real Saber-Toothed Cat skull. We will only enjoy such fossil treasures in books or museums.

But now you can own the next best thing, a Prehistoric Planet replica fossil. With replicas you can enhance your private fossil collection while learning from the direct handling and examination of your own Archaeopteryx, T. rex, or Velociraptor reproduction fossil.


Over Two Hundred Affordable Specimens
Most our individually hand-crafted replicas are made from rare and intriguing fossil originals using a process which duplicates every detail with a specialized durable molding mixture. This material is dried, tinted or painted, then detailed to a very natural appearance. The result is a nearly exact copy of the original fossil. In fact, many of our replicas are on display right now in museums around the world!


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Series)

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, PA

Discovery Place, Charlotte, NC

eDinos, TX

Griffin Discovery Room at Monticello

Institute of Geology Museum, Korea

Lost World Caverns Museum, WV

Mason Dixon Historical Park Museum, WV

Meadowbrook Mall, Bridgeport, WV

Mid America Paleontological Society Fossil Expo, Macomb, IL

Missouri Department of Conservation Natural History Division

Mont Royal College, Canada

Morgantown Mall, Morgantown, WV

National Science Teachers Association

National Speleological Society "Old Timers Reunion" Elkins, WV

Organ Cave Museum, WV

Rose State College, Midwest City, OK

Sam Houston State University,
    Huntsville, TX

Speleobooks, NY

Sunset Fossil Show, Morgantown, WV

The X-Files (Bat Creature Episode)

Smithsonian Institution (National Museum of Natural History)

Valdosta State University, GA

WV Geological Survey, WV

WV Science Teachers Association WVSTA

WV University Geology Department, WV

Prehistoric Planet fossil casts have been shipped to countries around the world including Chile, South America, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and Thailand.

Every Specimen you acquire comes with a display label giving the most complete and accurate information available including genus and species identification, geologic age and the location where the original was collected. All Prehistoric Planet are identical in size and form to the originals unless otherwise stated.

Our Mission (this will only take a second!)
The Prehistoric Planet Store has a simple, yet practical, mission statement—it's even written in plain English: "We make available quality fossil reproductions to people of all ages and incomes. In doing so, we hope to improve public education about natural history through the excitement and intrigue of replica fossils. The people of Prehistoric Planet believe a knowledge of natural history can spark an appreciation of our own history as humans and help us understand and improve the future of our planet." Besides all that, it's a lot of fun to learn about the exciting creatures and plants that once inhabited the earth!

Satisfaction Guaranteed
All Prehistoric Planet brand fossil reproductions come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the quality and value of your replica fossil promptly return it for a full purchase price refund. Call for details.

Educational, Volume Discounts & More
At the heart of our mission is the desire to see students of all ages learn more about the natural history of our planet. We make our casts as affordable as possible from the start and offer discounts when possible for educational institutions and with volume purchases. Prehistoric Planet also offers all casts unpainted at a discounted cost. Please call or email for more information on these offers.

Shipping and Handling
The delivery charges vary with items and include priority service in the United States. Most items ship in 2-3 days, but please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Orders outside the United States may be subject to additional charges.

PrehistoricPlanet Store
PO Box 200
Barrackville, WV 26559



I'd like to thank Ray Garton for donating the megalonyx claw to the new Griffin Discovery Room at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. It's a hands-on center for children. The claw is a great addition and will further enrich the chidren's experience as they learn about Thomas Jefferson's interests in paleontology. Thank you again!

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