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Authentic Fossil Otodus obliquisTooth in Acrylic Display Case 
This is an example of the authentic Fossil Otodus obliquis shark tooth you will receive. Your specim... VIEW
Authentic Fossil 
1.5-2.5 inches  |  Item 3489 


Mammut americanium WV Mastodon Tooth 
Mammut americanium
WV Mastodon Tooth
Pleistocene Epoch, Irvingtonian 12,000+ Years

solid resin 
3 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches  |  Item 62 


Smilodon fatalis WV Saber Tooth Cat Canine 
Smilodon fatalis
WV Saber Tooth Cat Canine
Pleistocene Epoch, Irvingtonian 840,000 Yea... VIEW

solid resin 
5 5/8 inches around curve  |  Item 60 


Pachycephalosaurus sp. Squamosal Horn 
Pachycephalosaurus sp. Squamosal Horn
Squamosal Horn

Squamosal horns of Pachyc... VIEW

solid resin 
2.75 x 2x 1.5 inches  |  Item 4123 


Hipparion Horse Tooth (example) In Acrylic Display Case 
Miocene Age 10 MYA

This is an example of the authentic Fossil Horse Tooth you will re... VIEW

Authentic Fossil 
1.2 - 2 inches long  |  Item 4093 


Triceratops, dorsal vertebra with stand 
The original dorsal vertebra was found in the Hell Creek Formation of South Dakota. Cretaceous Age.<... VIEW
solid resin 
17 x 11 x 6 inches  |  Item 4121 


Mammoth & Mastodon Tooth Comparison Exhibit 
This is a side-by-side comparison of a Mammoth and Mastodon tooth. It is designed to be a touch hand... VIEW
solid resin 
see description  |  Item 4005 


Velociraptor Blue 3D Flexi, Articulated, Wiggles, Fully Jointed Action Figure 
Flexi, Articulated, Wiggles, Fully Jointed Action Figure 3D Printed Model.

These 3D p... VIEW

Thermoplastic Polyester (PLA)  
3.25 tall 4 long inches  |  Item 4112 


Devonaster chemungensis, Starfish from West Virginia 
This was the first fossil star reported from West Virginia. It was found by a fisherman in Tucker Co... VIEW
solid resin 
3" fossil 8.5x5" matrix  |  Item 160 


Odontocephalus egeria, West Virginia Largest Trilobite 
This trilobite was found in Hardy County, WV. The original specimen is on display at the Smithsonian... VIEW
solid resin 
9.5 x 3.75 x 2 inches  |  Item 4085 


Diadectes sp. Skull, Roane County West Virginia 
The specimen was found in April, 1970, by Jeffrey Sommerville, 10, and Jimmy Stewart, 12. The skull,... VIEW
solid resin 
4 5/8 x 3.5 x 2.75 inches  |  Item 1373 


Authentic 6 Gram Meteorite, IRON NICKEL, CAMPO del CIELO, SPACE ROCK  
Each Meteorite may vary in shape but all are at least 6 grams.

Each meteorite measur... VIEW

Authentic Meteorite 
1/2 to 3/4 inches  |  Item 2087 


Titanoboa cerrejonensis Vertebra Reconstruction 
This Titanoboa vertebra is a reconstruction based on an enlarged Anaconda vertebra. It was 3D scanne... VIEW
solid resin 
3.25L x 4W x 4.25H inches  |  Item 4003 


Tektite, Glass From Space In Acrylic Display Case 
This is a true example of an authentic Tektite, Glass from Space. Your specimen may be slightly smal... VIEW
Authentic Space Glass 
about 1 inch  |  Item 568 


Authentic Baby Knightia eocaena Green River Fossil Fish in Acrylic Case 
This is a true example of an authentic Knightia eocaena Green River Fossil Fish from Kemmerer, Wyomi... VIEW
Authentic Fossil Fish 
1.5 to 2 inch fish  |  Item 4066