Trilobite Teaching Colletion, 35 specimens

This is a collection of 35 trilobites as listed below. It makes a perfect teaching set or addition to any collectors collection. They include:

5--Arctinurus boltoni--Silurian--Rochester Shale, Middleport, NY

31--Asaphus expansus--Ordovician--Oalo, Norway

18--Basiliella--Ordovinian--Eastern, NA

26--Basiliella--Ordovician--Eastern, NA

3--Calymene celebra--Silurian--Mid western, US

13--Ceraurus pleurexanthermus--Ordovinian--Bobcaygeon Formation, Ontario, Canada

29--Ceraus plattinensis--Ordovinian--MO

25--Crotalocephalina globifrons--Devonian--Hamar Laghdad, Morocco

24--Cryptolithus--Ordovician--Martinsburg Formation, Swatara Gap, PA

16--Dalmanites limulurus--Silurian--Rochester Shale, Middleport, NY

6--Dikelocephalus gracilis--Cambrian--Trempeau Group, MN

10--Drotops megalomanicus--Devonian--Alnif, Morocco

30--Ectenaspis latucelsum--Ordovinian--UT

32--Eldredgeops (phacops) milleri--Devonian--Silica Shale, Sylvania, OH

35--Elrathia kingii--Cambrian--Wheeler Shale, Millard County, UT

15--Flexicalymene meeki--Ordovinian--Cincinnati, OH

19--Flexicalymene ouzregui--Ordovician--Ktaoua Formation, Tazoulait, Morocco

21--Harpes--Devonian--Erfoud, Morocco

7--Hydrocephalus carens--Cambria--Jince Shale, Since, former CSSR

33--Illaenus sarsi--Ordovinian--Oalo, Norway

17--Isolelus gigas--Ordovician--Trenton Group, Trenton Falls, NY

27--Isotelus iowensis--Ordovinian--Trenton Group, Trenton Falls, NY

22--Isotelus latus--Ordovicina--Bobcaygeon Formation, Ontario, Canada

34--Ogyginus corndensis--Ordovician--Wales, UK

8--Olenellus gilberti--Cambrian--Pioche, NV

23--Paedeumias--Cambrian--KIinzers Formation, York, PA

20--Paedeumias transitans--Cambrian--Marble Mountains, CA

4--Paradoxides--Cambrian--Jince Shale, Since, former CSSR

14--Pseudogygites latimarginatus--Ordovician--Whitby Formation, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

2--Psychopyge elegans--Devonian--Alnif, Morocco

11--Reedops maurulus--Devonian--Alnif, Morocco

12--Thysaopeltis--Devonian--Hamar Laghdad, Morocco

1--Triarthrus beckii--Ordovician--Beecher's Bed, Rome, NY

9--Wanneria walcotana--Cambrian--Lancaster County, PA

28--Wanneria wolcottana--Cambrian--KIinzers Formation, York, PA

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Trilobite Teaching Colletion, 35 specimens 

1 to 8 inches
Item 1245 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Invertebrates
Class: Trilobites


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Trilobite Teaching Colletion, 35 specimens

Trilobite Teaching Colletion, 35 specimens

Trilobite Teaching Colletion, 35 specimens

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