Otodus Megalodon Shark Jaws With Teeth

THE FINEST SHARK JAW RECONSTRUCTION This is the most accurate reconstruction of the jaws and teeth belonging to the monstrous shark, Otodus megalodon. Our reconstruction relies on a unique fossil discovery in Japan, published by Dr. Teruya Uyeno, 1989. The find consisted of upper and lower teeth belonging to a single individual specimen with the largest tooth reaching 6 inches in length. The discovery site was in Miocene-aged sediments about 15 million years ago, near the Arakawa River. The importance of our reconstruction rests on a number of crucial points. Each tooth was meticulously sculpted with the aid of computer technology to duplicate every measured aspect. Every proportional detail, including surface curves, was captured. The teeth appear as in life, without the cracks and other imperfections that exist in actual fossils. The cartilaginous jaws were then sculpted to accommodate teeth of this size and robustness. Previous reconstruction for museums concentrated on restoring the jaws as display racks for fossil teeth. These earlier attempts assembled fossil teeth from many different individuals, and were arranged questionably in terms of tooth sequence and position. Our jaw reproduces the accurate sequence of teeth from a single individual, and arranges them in a life-like position. Our unique combination of scientific accuracy and aesthetic treatment of our jaw finally allows all of us to appreciate the deadliest killer of the sea in the most vivid way possible. The jaw stands approximately 6 feet high, and is made to disassemble into halves, and finished to look like the jaws of a living shark. 

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Otodus Megalodon Shark Jaws With Teeth 

fiberglas & resin
77" high x 73" wide 184 teeth
Item 993 

Category: Replicas
Type: Bones
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Sharks


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Otodus Megalodon Shark Jaws With Teeth

Otodus Megalodon Shark Jaws With Teeth

Otodus Megalodon Shark Jaws With Teeth

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