Diplocaulus magnicornis

Diplocaulus was an aquatic amphibian that grew up to 3 feet in length. Unlike most of the other reptiles and amphibians of the time, Diplocaulus was completely adapted to a water environment. They had tiny legs of little use, a boomerang shaped head and a long slender body. They also possessed a long, powerful tail that propelled them through the water, while the broad, flat head may have acted to guide the animal. The location of the eyes and nostrils on the surface of the skull suggest that this animal may have quietly laid on the bottom of pools or rivers waiting for food to get close. Diplocaulus probably fed on crustaceans, insects, and possibly carrion.

Our cast is from a nearly complete original skull with lower jaws - one of the finest skulls we know of. This would be a great addition to any fossil collection.

Age: Guadalupian Stage, Permian
Locality: Whitehorse Group "Red Beds" Baylor County, Texas

This is a museum quality research replica.

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Diplocaulus magnicornis 

10" wide x 5 7/8" long
Item 975 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skulls
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Amphibians


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Diplocaulus magnicornis

Diplocaulus magnicornis

Diplocaulus magnicornis

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