Fossils of West Virginia, 2 Volume Set, color version

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Fossils of West Virginia
Hassan Amjad, MD

Volume 1 Fossil Animals, Invertebrates & Vertebrates, 400 pages

Volume 2 Fossil Plants, Paleobotany, 338 pages

738 Pages, More than 1000 photos, plates and illustrations, most in color.

The first comprehensivce book on the fossils of West Virginia


This book is the outcome of over twenty years of low key work which has often been limited by the constraints of livelihood.

This is the first such attempt to discuss fossils of West Virginia and to encompass both plant fossils as well as other important invertebrate and vertebrate fossils, though Professor William Gillespie, to whom this work id dedicate, has enormously influenced more than one generation of paleobotanists trained in West Virginia. He has contributed profusely to paleobotanical literature over the last 50 years, and his excellent book, Plant Fossils of West Virginia, has been printed several times. This work would not be possible without the kind help provided by many of the field’s best known paleontologists, such as Ray Garton, Dr. Martino and the very dedicated Dave Phillips.

The purpose of this book is both to proved a visual guide to common fossils found in West Virginia, which may also e useful to similar geological areas of the Carboniferous period, and to stimulate further interest on the study of fossils among young readers, students and various other amateur fossil collectors. It may be helpful to other professions because of the lacy of any systematic information about local fossils.

The content of this book is composed of two volumes, the Animal Kingdom and the Plant Kingdom. It will be followed by two other works, a supplement to this edition which will contain additional new fossil finds, and the third work which, in a separate volume, will be an introduction to Paleobotany and will contain not only West Virginia fossils, but other Carboniferous fossil finds around the world.

An enormous amount of fossil material has been taken out of West Virginia, is stored in surrounding states’ institutions, museums, etc., and is not easily accessible. There is also an enormous private collection to which I have had very limited access. If given opportunity, I will be reporting a subsequent volume on this endeavor.

Hassan Amjad, MD

Fellow of Linnean Society, London

Beckley, West Virginia

August 27, 2006.

Table of Contents: Credits, Dedication, Preface, Introduction, Paleontology In West Virginia, Why Is It Important To Study Paleontology, Definition of Fossil, How Fossils Are Formed, Tree of Life, History of the Earth, Continental Drift, Geology of West Virginia, Rocks of West Virginia, Ancient Life and Geological Eras, Classification of Fossils, Binomial System, Modern Phylogeny, Kingdoms, Invetebrates, Brachiopods, Bryzoan, Cnidaria, Echinodermata, Crinoid, Blastoid, Mollusca, Porifera, Sponge, Trilobites, Vertebrates, Evolution of Vertebrates, Evolution of Land Animals, Early Amphibians, Evolution of Fish, Early Reptiles, Mammals, Coal Age Botany, Paleobotany, Plant Classification, Plant Fossils, Seed Ferns, Ancient Plant Life Fossil Plants, Primitive Fossil Vascular Plants, First Seed Plat, Plant Life in the Devonian Period, Evolution of Plant Life, Mississippian System of Classification, Coal, Geological Petroleum, Other Fossil Types, Index of Fossils, Fossil Guide, Microfossils, Pseudofossils, Conodonts, Graptolites, Tenticulites, Trace Fossils, Trilobites, Gastropods, Fossil Gallery, Pennsylvanian Paleontological Survey, Bill Gillespie Collection, The Scientists, Appendix, Dinosaurs in West Virginia, Ice Age Pleistocene, Jefferson’s Ground Sloth, Armadillos, Faunas of West Virginia in the Pleistocene (Ice Age), Repositories of West Virginia Fossils, Help With Identifying Fossils, Prehistoric West Virginia, West Virginia Fossils on the Internet, Proposed West Virginia State Fossil, Megalonyx jeffersonii, Pleistocene Clay Flora, Geology, Miscellaneous, References, Notes, Index.

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Fossils of West Virginia, 2 Volume Set, color version 

8 1/2 x 11 994 pages 2 volumes
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Fossils of West Virginia, 2 Volume Set, color version

Fossils of West Virginia, 2 Volume Set, color version

Fossils of West Virginia, 2 Volume Set, color version

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