Tyrannosaurus rex, footprint track

Few dinosaur tracks or footprints have been attributed to Tyrannosaurus rex. Large tracks are difficult to identify or to distinguish with certainty from the tracks of hadrosaurs found in the same deposits. The most notable track is called Tyrannosauripus pillmorei, a probable Tyrannosaurus footprint from Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico discovered in 1983. Also a 3 track sequence of sub adult Tyrannosaur tracks found at Glenrock, Wyoming in the Cretaceous, Lance Formation. Less than 10 tracks are attributed to Trex. Others are from Colorado and Montana. The track presented here is from a private locality in Montana. If you look at item 2330 you can see that an adult Trex foot fits very nicely into the track.

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Also see our Trex foot item 366.

Also see our Trex track and foot combo item 2330

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Tyrannosaurus rex, footprint track 

resin & fiberglass
Track 33x34, pannel is 36x36x5
Item 830 

Category: Replicas
Type: Wall Plaques
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Tyrannosaurus rex, footprint track

Tyrannosaurus rex, footprint track

Tyrannosaurus rex, footprint track

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