Grallator trackway

These tracks were originally called Brontozoum sillimanium, by Hitchcock and are known today as Grallator & Anchisauripus.

This specimen exhibits about 50 tracks with the phalangeal and claw impressions exceedingly distinct. The smaller tracks were made by B. sillimanium and the larger by B. exsertum. The length of the middle and outer toes of the former is four to five inches, of the foot about six inches and of the step twenty-three inches.

Width of the tracks are four and a half inches. The middle and outer toes of the latter measure six inches; the foot nearly three inches and the step thirty inches.

The slab also contains the crooked trackway of the Cunicularius retrahens and mud veins. The original was discovered in the micaceous sandstone Triassic Age at Middletown, Connecticut. And is in the Appleton Cabinet at Amherst.

History of this Plaque

This Multi dinosaur track plate is one of the best if not the best offered to the fossil collector that shows a multitude of footprints left by a small dinosaur some 200 million years ago, in Middletown, Connecticut.

The original or real fossil plate was discovered by Dr. Edward Hitchcock (A Geologic Scientist, and the father of ICHNITES the science of dinosaur tracks) in the 1830's and now resides in Amherst College in Massachusetts.

In the Henry A. Ward catalog of fossil replicas of 1866 a partial illustration as seen to the left) of this plate was offered for sale to museums and other scientists of those times. It is quite interesting to see the names given to the tracks in his catalog. Details of this plate from the catalog of 1866 can be seen again to the left under the illustration. After a scientific revision was done in the early 1900's of the fossils found in the Connecticut. River Valley new names for these footprints were made and is what we call them today.

The original replica was stored at the University of Rochester New York until the early 1900's when it was sold along with the majority of other fossil replicas from his catalog to the Field Museum of Chicago Illinois and was stored there for at least 100 years.

In 2002 we acquired this replica and now after 145 years in storage this FANTASTIC DINOSAUR FOOTPRINT PLATE is now available again to fossil collectors, museums and schools etc. Each wall plaque is individually made to order and is made of polyurethane resin and the weight is far less than the original replica.

Grallator today is the name of the track and is agreed by many paleontologists of this region that the dinosaur was a Coelophysis type dinosaur. Back in the 1800's for that matter the dinosaur itself was not known at all !!!!

*** HENRY WARD was the founder of Ward's Scientific Co. of Rochester, NY. that is still in business today selling mineral and fossil kits among other scientific equipment to many schools within the USA

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Grallator trackway 

59x38 inches
Item 511 

Category: Replicas
Type: Claws
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Grallator trackway

Grallator trackway

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