Nothosaurus, reptile skeleton

This replica is a complete skeleton of primitive synaptosaurian reptile group known as Nothosaurus. This specimen was found in Triassic of China. Nothosaurus was a semi-oceanic animal, which probably had a lifestyle similar to that of today's seals. It was up to 4 meter's (13 ft), with long, webbed toes and possibly a fin on its tail. When swimming, Nothosaurus would use its tail, legs, and webbed feet to propel and steer it through the water. The skull was broad and flat, with long jaws, lined with needle teeth, it probably caught fish and other marine creatures. Nothosaurus hunted by sneaking up slowly on prey, such as shoals of small fish, then putting on a last-minute burst of speed. Once caught, few animals would be able to shake themselves free from the mouth of Nothosaurus. In many respects its body structure resembled that of the much later plesiosaurs, but it was not as well adapted to an aquatic environment. It is thought that one branch of the Nothosaurus may have evolved into plesiosaurs such as Liopleurodon and the long-necked Cryptoclidus. This specimen is 84 inches long on a matrix 51 x 30 x 2 inches. There are vertical and horizontal hangers on the back. The actual weight is 30 pounds. 

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Nothosaurus, reptile skeleton 

resin & fiberglas
84" skeleton, 51x30x2" matrix
Item 2200 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Reptiles


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Nothosaurus, reptile skeleton

Nothosaurus, reptile skeleton

Nothosaurus, reptile skeleton

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