Plant Fossils of West Virginia, 180 page book

Plant Fossils of West Virginia
William H. Gillespie
John A. Clendening
Hermann W. Pfefferkorn

Educational Series ED-3A West Virginia Geological Survey

180 pages, 6 x 8.5 softcover, 64 plates with hundreds of photos & 20 figures

This is without a doubt one of the best fossil plant books available. It covers in detail the history of Paleobotany and most Paleozoic forms and flora. This book well suited for identification of your own fossils. Fossil plants from the Devonian through the Permian and Pleistocene are covered. Each major group is reviewed in detail. There is even a detailed dichotomous keys to identification the most common Paleozoic flora. This book is a must have for serious collectors and professionals alike,

Table of Contents-Introduction, History, Kinds of Fossilization, Classification of Plants, Classification of Geologic Time, Moving Continents and Upper Paleozoic Floras, Biostratigraphy, Coal, The Value of Fossil Plant Studies, Sequence of Plant Lift in Geologic Time, Lycopods, Articulates, Ferns, Seed Ferns, Cordaites, Conifers, Spores and Pollen, Techniques for Collectors, Key to Common Paleozoic Foliage in West Virginia.

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Plant Fossils of West Virginia, 180 page book 

Soft Bound
8.5x6", 180 pages
Item 178 

Category: Books
Phylum: Plants
Class: Ferns


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