Eryon, Fossil Lobster or Crab

Eryon is an extinct member of the diverse group of arthropods called Decapoda. Decapods comprise lobster, shrimp, prawns and crabs. The majority of Solnhofen crustaceans are decapods. Of all Solnhofen decapod fossils, shrimp such as Aeger, are the most common and abundant. Eryon is a crab-like lobster creature classified as a lobster and is one of the world's oldest true lobsters. Lobster, shrimp and prawns all possess an elongated, segmented body with a flexible carapace covering the thorax and head. Other basic traits are the presence of multiple pairs of limbs and a fan-like tail. Because of the lightness and loose articulation of a decapod's carapace, intact preservation of the entire creature is quite rare and the abundance of the animal in the fossil layers is most often represented by partial or poorly preserved specimens.

This fine fossil replica of Eryon is from the Jurassic beds of Solnhofen.

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Eryon, Fossil Lobster or Crab 

4.5x3.75" on a 7x7" matrix
Item 1602 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Invertebrates
Class: Misc. Invertebrates


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Eryon, Fossil Lobster or Crab

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