Amber by Andrew Ross

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Amber gives a fascinating overview of this prehistoric substance and its fossilized inclusions. Written by the Museum's Curator of Fossil Arthropods, the book describes how amber is formed from the resin of ancient trees, and where in the world this remarkable material can been found. It tells how to distinguish genuine amber from fake, describes its many uses, both in art and science, and recounts the elusive search for DNA from insect inclusions. The book also gives detailed keys and photographs to guide the reader in the identification of species of insects and other inclusions that have been trapped and preserved in amber. Lavishly illustrated throughout, Amber is an essential purchase for all those interested in amber and its inclusions.

Key features
Stunning colour illustrations throughout
Detailed keys to organisms trapped in amber
Essential introduction to amber in all its uses
Includes items from the 'behind the scenes' Museum collection

What is amber?, The properties of amber, Fake amber, The uses of amber, Where is amber found?, Baltic amber, Dominican amber, What is a species?, Amber inclusions, Animal interactions, Plant inclusions, The search for DNA, Biogeography, Arthropods, The insect fossil record, Insects, Incomplete metamorphosis, Incomplete metamorphosis - bugs, Complete metamorphosis, Complete metamorphosis - flies, Wasps, bees and ants, Beetles, Glossary, Index, Further reading and credits.

About the author
Andrew Ross is the Curator of Fossil Arthropods in the Natural History Museum's Department of Palaeontology. He began curating the Museum's amber collection in 1993.

Amber by Andrew Ross 

hard cover
112 pages 7.75 x 10.25 inches
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Amber by Andrew Ross

Amber by Andrew Ross

Amber by Andrew Ross

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