Dinosaur Miscellaneous fossil dig panel #7

These panels are made of sturdy lightweight fiberglass. They could be used as a wall hanging or, with a little sand, they can simulate a fossil dig site for children of all ages to explore.

A. T-Rex maxilla
B. Albertosaurus maxilla
C. Dinosaur claws (3)
D. Utahraptor claw
E. Duckbill jaw
F. T-Rex toe claw
G. Cycad stump
H. Duckbill skull & jaw
I. Albertosaurs toe  

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Dinosaur Miscellaneous fossil dig panel #7 

resin & fiberglass
4 x 4 feeet
Item 1134 

Category: Replicas
Type: Bones
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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