Grallator Dinosaur Track

Grallator is an ichnogenus (form taxon based on footprints) which covers a common type of small, three-toed print made by a variety of bipedal theropod dinosaurs. Grallator-type footprints have been found in formations dating from the Early Triassic through to the early Cretaceous periods. They are found in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil (Sousa and Santa Maria Formations) and China, but are most abundant on the east coast of North America.

The original of this specimen was discovered in Triassic Age rocks at Middletown, Connecticut in 1830. This is a single track found on a much larger specimen containing over 50 tracks.

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Grallator Dinosaur Track 

5x3" track in 7.75x6 matrix
Item 3681 

Category: Replicas
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Grallator Dinosaur Track

Grallator Dinosaur Track

Grallator Dinosaur Track

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