Tyrannnosaurus rex, Skeleton Sculpture

Unearth your very own Tyrannosaurus rex with this Cretaceous age dinosaur sculpture sure to shock and awe garden visitors as they discover a paleontological gem hidden right in your flower bed or on your shelf. Stretching nearly two feet long, this quality designer resin statue replicates the weathered bones of an extinct prehistoric monster that once roamed the earth. Visitors will admire your very own boney T-Rex sculpture. It makes a Mesozoic statement!

Also available as Brachiosaurus model. See photo and item 2958. 

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Tyrannnosaurus rex, Skeleton Sculpture 

14.5'' H x 21.5'' W x 8'' D
Item 2957 

Category: Models
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


USA Shipping: $15.00
Plus $3.90 handling per order

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Tyrannnosaurus rex, Skeleton Sculpture

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