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Tyrannosaurus, track, footprint (Tyrannosauripus pillmorei) 
T- rex Track, impression, 30.5 x 36 inches.

Scientific Name: Tyrannosauripus pillmore... VIEW

30.5 x 36.5 inches  |  Item 1498 


Tyrannosaurus, life size model 
Life Size Tyrannosaurus Model

This life size Tyrannosaurus in the flesh model is made... VIEW

32 feet long x 16 feet jogj  |  Item 1937 


Tyrannosaurus, life size head 
Life Size Tyrannosaurus Head

This life size Tyrannosaurus head in the flesh model is ... VIEW

head & neck 7 feet long  |  Item 1938 


Tyrannosaurus rex, world record tooth 
This incredible tooth was found in the summer of 2007, in the Hell Creek Formation of Montana. It me... VIEW
15 5/8 inches around the curve  |  Item 2277 


Tyrannosaurus rex, vertebra Hank 
This Tyrannosaurus rex vertebra is cast from a newly discovered and undescribed specimen located in ... VIEW
hollow resin 
9 inches diameter 6 inches thick  |  Item 717 


Tyrannosaurus rex, tooth with serrations 
Tyrannosaurs rex Tooth With Great Serrations

Click Photos To Enlarge


3.5 inches long  |  Item 3099 


Tyrannosaurus rex, Skull 1/8 Scale 3D Printed, Replica 
Locality: Montana
Formation: Hell Creek

Tyrannosaurus rex is the most famous d... VIEW

6.5 inches long  |  Item 3908 


Tyrannosaurus rex, skull (Harley) 
Replica skull from the Cretaceous Hell Creek formation, Jordan, Montana. Los
Angeles County M... VIEW

resin and fiberlgas 
53x35x40 inches  |  Item 1267 


Tyrannosaurus rex, Shed or Broken Tooth 
Tyrannosaurs rex

Shed or Broken Tooth

The original tooth was found in ... VIEW

7 x 2 x .1.5 inches  |  Item 3059 


Tyrannosaurus rex, Shed or Broken Tooth 
Tyrannosaurs rex

Shed or Broken Tooth

The original tooth was found in ... VIEW

2 inches  |  Item 3066 


Tyrannosaurus rex, right maxilla 
This is the right maxilla of T-rex. It measures an impressive 31 inches long and 24 inches high with... VIEW
31 x 24 x 5 inches  |  Item 368 


Tyrannosaurus rex, right hand and arm of Tinker 
This is a replica of the right forearm from the juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex knows as Tinker. Tinker w... VIEW
solid resin 
12.25 x 4 inches  |  Item 3014 


Tyrannosaurus rex, right hand 
This is a replica of the right hand of Tyrannosaurus rex.

When Tyrannosaurus rex was ... VIEW

solid resin 
10 inches long  |  Item 746 


Tyrannosaurus rex, premax tooth with root 
Tyrannosaurus (pronounced tye-RAN-oh-SAW-recks) The tyrannosaurus (meaning "tyrant lizard") was a me... VIEW
4.25 inches  |  Item 926 


Tyrannosaurus rex, Poster 
Digitally Created Poster on 100 pound coated paper 24x36 inches.  VIEW
100 pound coated paper 
24x36 inches  |  Item 810 


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