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Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton 3D Framed Art 
3D Sculpture VIEW
16.1 in. Long x 11.0 in. High  |  Item 629 


Tyrannosaurus rex Serrated Tooth Necklace 
Like many carnivores dinosaurs T-rex often broke or shed its teeth while
feeding. Over time a... VIEW

2.5 inches long  |  Item 409 


Tyrannosaurus rex original art print 
Rob Sula is undoubtedly one of the finest prehistoric artists ever. Just look at the meticulous deta... VIEW
acid free paper 
11x17 inches  |  Item 980 


Tyrannosaurus rex Model 
Tyrannosaurus rex 1/35 Scale Polyresin Model. VIEW
Polyresin Model 
14.2 in. Long x 5.7 in. High  |  Item 623 


Tyrannosaurus rex Lower Jaw 
Cast from original jaw found in Montana, 1988, Hell Creek Formation, Cretaceous. Life size (1:1 scal... VIEW
Fiberglass/Resin Cast 
53 in. Long  |  Item 700 


Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture 
A menacing meat-eater has invaded the Prehistoric Planet Store...

Introducing our coo... VIEW

Super Dense Foam Sculpture 
51 x 38.75 in (Life Size)  |  Item 480 


Tyrannosaurus rex life like model, AVAILABLE ONLY FOR RENT 

Rent one of our dinosaur skeletons or models to boost ... VIEW

fiberglas with out door paint 
43" long x 30" high  |  Item 2232 


Tyrannosaurus rex Hatchling & Egg 
This adorable Trex hatchling is one of the best we've ever seen. The detail is great. VIEW
life-like solid vinyl 
4"long x 3"high x 2" wide  |  Item 868 


Tyrannosaurus rex Complete Foot & Track Combo 
This is a Trex foot and track combination.

This complete T rex foot is from the Creta... VIEW

hollow resin & fiberglas 
see description  |  Item 2330 


Tyrannosaurus rex complete foot 
This complete T rex foot is from the Cretaceous of South Dakota. It is 25 inches high, and nearly 2 ... VIEW
hollow resin & fiberglas 
25 high x 21" wide  |  Item 366 


Tyrannosaurus rex Christmas & Holiday Ornament 
Dinosaur & Prehistoric Christmas & Holiday Ornaments are hard to find. But not at Prehistoric Planet... VIEW
4 inches  |  Item 2364 


Tyrannosaurus rex Baby Hatchling in Egg Sculpture 
Watch out, he bites! This mighty baby Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur hatchling emerges from his oversize... VIEW
resin, hollow 
8.5'' H x 6'' W x 6.5'' D   |  Item 2956 


Tyrannosaurus rex 4D Vision Model 
With 3D models you see what this dinosaur looked like on the outside. 4D Vision takes you inside the... VIEW
11 inches long  |  Item 2280 


Tyrannosaurus rex 3D wall pannel 
This fabulous life-like Trex head peaking out of the jungle has 10 inches of relief and the eyes are... VIEW
resin & fiberglas 
45x37x10 inches  |  Item 249 


Tyrannosaurus rex 1/3 scale, Sue, skull in the matrix 
The Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton known as “Sue” is on display at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL. ... VIEW
Polyester Resin 
21.6 x 14.5 x 8.25" high  |  Item 3120 


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