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Tyrannosaurus rex, brain endocast 
This is the endocranial skull cast of the brain cavity from an adult T-rex. Cretaceous Age. For all ... VIEW
Resin Cast 
About 7 inches long  |  Item 186 


Tyrannosaurus rex, brain endocast 
This is a brain endocast of the Tyrannosaurus rex. An endocast or endocranial cast is a cast made of... VIEW
7 inches  |  Item 1021 


Tyrannosaurus rex, 3 foot model 
Giant 1:15 Scale VIEW
36.5" long x 17.3" high  |  Item 2173 


Tyrannosaurus rex, 13-inch tooth 
Tyrannosaurs rex
Record tooth

This incredible tooth was found in the Hell Cree... VIEW

solid resin 
13 inches long  |  Item 431 


Tyrannosaurus rex, 1/4 Scale Skull 
This large dinosaur skull model is over 14 inches long and is simply awesome! This incredible piece ... VIEW
Polyresin Model 
14.6 in. Long x 10.6 in. High  |  Item 670 


Tyrannosaurus rex, (Baby-Hatchling Tooth) 
T-rex baby teeth are very rare and you can own one for your collection as a replica. The original to... VIEW
4/10th inch  |  Item 1268 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth, white 
Seventy million years ago, a hulking T. rex chomped into a fresh carcass. As the giant meat-eater's ... VIEW
Resin Cast 
5.5 inches  |  Item 107 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth, small 
Despite this tooth's small size, it clearly shows the flesh-tearing ability of T. rex teeth. Robust ... VIEW
Resin Cast 
2.25" Long  |  Item 149 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth With Root, black 
At over nine inches with the root, this tooth exhibits the massive leverage and power behind T. rex'... VIEW
9.25" Long  |  Item 11100 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth With Root 
At over nine inches with the root, this tooth exhibits the massive leverage and power behind T. rex'... VIEW
Resin Cast 
9.25" Long  |  Item 111 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth Progression, from the juvenile Tinker 
This is an actual cast and reconstruction showing Tyrannosaurus rex tooth progression. It provides a... VIEW
8.5x8x3 inches  |  Item 3005 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth Progression Partial Dentary 
Age: Late Cretaceous - Maastrichtian ~ 65 MYA
Locality: Hell Creek Formation, Harding Count... VIEW

11x11x3.5 inches  |  Item 930 


Tyrannosaurus rex Tooth Necklace 
This necklace is made from a replica Tyrannosaurus rex tooth. This is from the tip of a broken and r... VIEW
1.5 inches long  |  Item 164 


Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton Kit With 22 Pieces 
We often get requests for a dramatic skeleton at an affordable price. Well, here it is! Over 2.5 fee... VIEW
30 inches long  |  Item 53100 


Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton 3D Framed Art 
3D Sculpture VIEW
16.1 in. Long x 11.0 in. High  |  Item 629 


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