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Spinosaurus,14 Piece Dino Excavation Kit 
Get ready to dig up your own fossil skeleton replica. Buried inside a soft gypsum matrix block is a ... VIEW
resin skeleton in gypsum block 
12.6 inches long  |  Item 3220 


Icarosaurus, gliding lizard skeleton 
Icarosaurus (meaning "Icarus lizard") is an extinct genus of kuehneosaurid reptile from the Late Tri... VIEW
6.75 x 5.25 inches  |  Item 3085 


Edmontosaurus tooth row 
The teeth in the skull were arranged in the form of dental batteries in the posterior region of the... VIEW
5 x 1.25 x 1 inches  |  Item 3109 


Struthiomimus sp, Hand Claw 
Struthiomimus (meaning "ostrich mimic", is a genus of ornithomimid dinosaurs from the late Cretaceou... VIEW
5.25 inches around curve  |  Item 3209 


Tarbosaurus, brain endocast 
This is a brain endocast of Tarbosaurus. An endocast or endocranial cast is a cast made of the mold ... VIEW
7.5 inches  |  Item 3016 


Hassianycteris messelensis, Messel Bat 
Based on their comparative physiology to modern bats it has been determined that the bats found at M... VIEW
high-density poly-urethane 
4-3/8" x 5-7/8" x 5/8"   |  Item 3213 


Velociraptor Skull, life size 
Velociraptor was the smallest of the raptors (the movie Jurassic Park actually featured the larger r... VIEW
Resin Cast 
7 1/8 x 2 5/8 x3/4 inches  |  Item 3214 


Maximus rex (Max) rental unit 
Introducing Maximus rex (Max) our newest dinosaur available for your parties and events. Max is just... VIEW
rubber like flesh 
8 feet tall x 13 feet long  |  Item 3179 

Build Your Teddy Dinosaur Plush 
How To Build Your Teddy Dinosaur

Let’s Get Stuffin!

Insert soft fluf... VIEW

8 inches  |  Item 3210 


Build Your Teddy Sloth Plush 
How To Build Your Teddy Sloth

Let’s Get Stuffin!

Insert soft fluff i... VIEW

8 inches  |  Item 3211 


Build Your Teddy Dinosaur Alligator 
How To Build Your Teddy Alligator

Let’s Get Stuffin!

Insert soft flu... VIEW

8 inches  |  Item 3212 


Herrerasaurus ischigualastensis, skull 
Herrerasaurus (huh-RARE-ah-SAWR-us) (meaning "Herrera's lizard;" Victorino Herrera was a rancher who... VIEW
resin sculpture 
12.5 x 4 x 5.5 inches  |  Item 1633 


Mammut americanium, Authentic mastodon lower jaw 
Mastodons are any species of extinct proboscideans in the genus Mammut, distantly related to elephan... VIEW
hollow resin 
24 inches long  |  Item 3208 


Meniscoessus Skull, a Multitubercula 
Meniscoessus is a genus of extinct mammal from the Upper Cretaceous Period of North America. It was ... VIEW
3 x 2 x 2 inches  |  Item 3207 


Dromaeosaurus albertensis, Skull 
Dromaeosaurus albertensis "Swift Running Lizard"

Length:6 feet (1.8 m)

... VIEW

8.5 x 4 x 4.5 inches  |  Item 3206