Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton

This huge dinosaur skeleton model is almost 2-1/2 feet long and is simply awesome! Constructed from polyresin and mounted on a solid wood base, this incredibly detailed Tyrannosaurus rex (T.rex ) dinosaur skeleton model is hand-painted with an acrylic resin for a natural and long-lasting finish. A solid brass plaque engraved with the Tyrannosaurus name accents the elegant red-mahogany-finished base.

Tyrannosaurus rex (tie-ran-oh-sore-us rex) meaning �Tyrant Lizard King,� also known as T.rex, lived at the end of the dinosaur era during the Late Cretaceous period, approximately 65 million years ago. One of the largest and most ferocious meat-eating dinosaurs ever discovered, the T.rex was over 40 feet long, stood over 20 feet tall and weighed about 8 tons. Along with its strong muscular legs, the T.rex had very small arms, and two-fingered hands, which were most likely of little use. But with its huge skull and powerful jaws lined with 7-inch long serrated teeth, Tyrannosaurus was probably the most feared dinosaur ever known. Found in North America and Eastern Asia.

Size: 28-3/4" L x 13-3/4" H, Wt: 4 lbs 15 oz


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Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton 

Polyresin Model
28.9" Long x 13 in. High
Item 603 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton

Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton

Tyrannosaurus rex Skeleton

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