Homo sapiens, headless man, human

This headless human skeleton was first offered by Henry A Ward in his 1866 catalog. It was made of plaster and cost $20 which was a considerable sum at that time. The Ward�s catalog describes the skeleton �Skeleton found on the north-central coast of the main-land of Guadeloupe, in a bed of modern concretionary limestone. The rock contains the detritus of shells and corals of species now inhabiting the neighboring sea (some of the coral still retaining the same red color now seen in reefs of living coral which surround the island), land-shells, fragments of pottery, stone arrowheads, carved wooden ornaments, and detached human bones. The parts preserved in this specimen are the spinal column, many of the ribs, the left arm, pelvis, thighs and legs. The ones still contain some animal matter, and the whole of their phosphate of lime. The original is in the British Museum: the skull in the Medical College of Charleston, S.C. 

Homo sapiens, headless man, human 

resin & fiberglas
52x22x7 inches
Item 518 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Hominids & Humans


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Homo sapiens, headless man, human

Homo sapiens, headless man, human

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