Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus

Pleisosaur Full Skeleton On Slab from the Jurassic of Glastonbury, England.

Plesiosaurs (meaning "near lizard") were flippered marine reptiles from the Mesozoic Era - they were not dinosaurs. Plesiosaurs are divided into two groups: the Plesiosauroids with long, snake-like necks, tiny heads, and wide bodies, and the Pliosauroids, which had large heads with very strong jaws and short necks. The first plesiosaur skeletons were found in England by Mary Anning, in the early 1800s, and were amongst the first fossil vertebrates to be described by science. Many have been found, some of them virtually complete, and new discoveries are made frequently. Plesiosaurs had a broad body and a short tail. They retained their ancestral two pairs of limbs, which evolved into large flippers. Plesiosaurs evolved from earlier, similar forms such as pistosaurs or very early, longer-necked pliosaurs. There are a number of families of plesiosaurs, which retain the same general appearance and are distinguished by various specific details. Some of the more common forms in Plesiosaurs include Cryptocleidus, Elasmosaurus, Thalassomedon, Kronosaurus & Liopleurodon.

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Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus 

72x30 inches
Item 514 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skeletons
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Reptiles


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Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus

Plesiosaurus dolichodeirus

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