Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture

A menacing meat-eater has invaded the Prehistoric Planet Store...

Introducing our coolest T. rex item yet, at an amazing price. Over 4 feet long, this life size relief sculpture makes a very bold statement. And through an exceptional new partnership, the Prehistoric Planet Store is able to offer this specimen at under $500.

The quality and detail of this sculpture is superb. While not as scientifically accurate as a cast, the quality and attention to detail is wonderfully executed. In addition to it's impressive appearance as an exhibit (or the ultimate conversation piece), this skull makes an excellent educational tool. Did we mention it's life size?

Full scale replica T. rex skulls run $10,000 and up. This product is a deep relief sculpture (it protrudes 8 inches from the rear surface) that we are now supplying to schools, museums and private collectors at 1/20th of the price of a full skull. Despite it's large dimensions, this item only weighs 15 lbs. thanks to it's composition of high-grade, lightweight resin.

We could say more about SPECIMEN-480, but the image above says it all.

Specs: Tyrannosaurus rex. Late Cretaceous (70 mya). North America

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Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture 

Super Dense Foam Sculpture
51 x 38.75 in (Life Size)
Item 480 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skulls
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


USA Shipping: $165.00
Plus $3.90 handling per order

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Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture

Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture

Tyrannosaurus rex Life-Size Skull Sculpture

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