4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately


There are 4 different fossil dig panels. (sold separately) The first number in the list corresponds to the number on the panel. The last number in each line corresponds to the PrehistoricStore.com item number that you can search to find specimen information about that fossil and more photos.

Bury these fossil dig panels in sand, sawdust, granulated rubber mulch or dirt and create a life like fossil dig experience. Look up each fossil by its PP# on PrehistoricStore.com and learn about each fossil.
Specify which dig panel you want. 3776, 3777, 3778 3779 in the comment section at checkout or look up each PP# in our search button.

They are:

3776---Cretaceous Dig Panel
ID#---Cretaceous Dig---PP#
1---megaraptor claw 14 inch---104
2---quetzalcoatlus pterosaur skull---1356
3---spinosaurus tooth---691
4---ankylosaurus plates---3357
5---oviraptor egg nest---2098
6---gigantosaurus tooth---377
7---triceratops brow horn---129
8---bambiraptor skeleton---3162
9---spinosaurus claw---2111
10---trex humerus---720
11---velociraptor foot---427
12---trex tooth 13 inch---431
13---therizinosaurus claw 23 inch---106
14---ornithomimus foot---763
15---alertosaurus maxilla with teeth---2119

3777---Paleozoic Dig Panel
ID#---Cretaceous Fauna Dig---PP#
1---trilobite motality plate---devonian---421
2---juvenile dimetrodon skeleton---permian---313
3---lung fish---devonian---419
5---horseshoe crab---jurassic---5
6---Coelacanth, fish--- mississippian---425
7---Helicoprion, whorl-tooth shark---permian---464
8---trilobite single---devonian---667
9---Mixopterus, eurypterid--- Silurian---580
10---Bothriolepis, Placoderm---devonian---2058
12---sea pen---cambrian---1201

3778---Ice Age Dig Panel
ID#---Ice Age Dig---PP#
1---smilodon canine---155
2---cave bear skull (ask)---3782
3---mammoth tooth---928
4---sloth tooth---143
5---mammoth carving---2417
6---mastodon tusk---3096
7---smilodon skull---266
8---woolly rhino horn---932
9---venus carving---781
10---dire wolf skull---2100
11---mastodon tooth---3013
12---beaver skull---851
13---sloth claw---2963

3779---Mesozoic Marine Dig Panel
ID#---Mesozoic Marine Fauna Dig---Period---PP#
1---xiphactinus fish skull---cretaceous---1119
3---Manchurochelyes turtle---cretaceous---1619
3---mesolimulus, horseshoe crab---jurassic---1199
4---pliosaur tooth---jurassic---744
5---crocodilaeus skeleton---jurassic---1597
6---styxosaurus, elasmosaur skull---cretaceous---745
7---ichthyosaur skeleton---jurassic---850
8---aeger, shrimp---jurassic---3452
9---Platycarpus, mosasaur skull---cretaceous---264
10---prionocyclus, ammonite---cretaceous---1900 

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4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately 

4 x 6 feet
Item 3777 

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4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately

4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately

4x6 Foot Fossil Dig Panels 4 Different Ones Sold Separately

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