Build Your Teddy Dinosaur Alligator

How To Build Your Teddy Alligator

Let’s Get Stuffin!

Insert soft fluff into the white pouch on the back of your Alligator. Take the special insert and tuck it inside with the stuffing. Don’t forget to make a special wish! Pull the end of the zip tie until the pouch is tightly closed and ask an adult to snip off the extra. A nail clipper works the best! Tuck the pouch inside and close the velcro. Your Alligator may have a small piece of fabric attached to the velcro to protect it, just remove it and press the pieces together.

Your Passport.

Your Alligator comes with its own passport filled with activities and ideas for things to do with your new Alligator.

Carrying case included.

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Build Your Teddy Dinosaur Alligator 

8 inches
Item 3212 

Category: Educational
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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