Velociraptor Skull

Velociraptor was the smallest of the raptors (the movie Jurassic Park actually featured the larger raptor Utahraptor but called them Velociraptors). However, Velociraptor was no less fierce. Scientists believe all raptors may have hunted in packs, making any attack an encounter with death.

Paleontologists have recently discovered several feathered dinosaurs in China. These small dinosaurs are believed to be the ancestors of birds and are probably closely related to the dromaeosaurs, the group of small, raptor-like dinosaurs that includes Velociraptor.

The craftsmanship on this skull is astounding. This specimen is a precise resin cast of a sculpture modeled after the original specimen. Scientifically accurate and suitable for education or exhibit.

Specs: Velociraptor. Late Cretaceous (70 m.y.a.). Gobi Desert. Mongolia 

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Velociraptor Skull 

Resin Cast (Reconstruction)
7 Inches Long
Item 3144 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skulls
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Velociraptor Skull

Velociraptor Skull

Velociraptor Skull

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