June 11, 2021

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Diabloceratops eatoni, skull

Diabloceratops eatoni is a recently discovered species of extinct herbivorous dinosaur in the infraorder ceratopsia that lived during the Late Cretaceous. Its fossils were discovered in the Wahweap Formation of Southern Utah.

Diabloceratops was a typical ceratopsian, with a large neckfrill of bone. It had no proper horn on the nose, but a pair of small horns above the eyes (hence its name). It also had a pair of spikes on the frill, like in Einiosaurus and Styracosaurus.

Tthe Diabloceratops skull comes with a stand, either a table top mount or a floor mount (the only difference between these is the length of the upright). The skull measures 54" long, 28" wide at horn tips.

Age: Early Campanian, 84 MYA

Formation: Wahweap; Location: Southern Utah, USA 

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Diabloceratops eatoni, skull 

54 inches long x 28 inches wid
Item 1490 

Category: Replicas
Type: Skulls
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Diabloceratops eatoni, skull

Diabloceratops eatoni, skull

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