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Classic Antiquities Last  Witch in Scotland Tombstone

This is a replica of the actual tombstone of Isabel Goudie, the last woman convicted of witchcraft in Scotland in 1674. Her story of is rather remarkable. She was the last woman tried for witchcraft in Scotland. She was a real person, and her own story of her life in full detail, given voluntarily and under no coercion, is preserved in the archives of the Justiciary Court in Edinburgh. Other contemporary records confirm her account. All evidence indicates that she acknowledge that indeed she was a witch. Whether this was done in an effort to plead for mercy from the court is not known. What is known, is that she was not executed after the trial, indeed she died a number of years afterwards. The iconography on the tombstone indicates that indeed Isabel Goudie was a witch and most likely a member powerful coven.

Why Buy From Classic Antiquities

Most archaeological reproductions available on the market today are cast from molds made from sculpted models of the original specimens. This is the case because it is much easier to make a model from a photograph and not have to worry about travel, or fees or technical problems in making the mold from a museum quality artifact. All of Classic Antiquities reproductions are produced from molds made from the original specimens. This is the case because I've been involved in old world archaeology for the last 43 years and have making molds and replicas since 1980. Since that time I have produced over 900 different molds of Classic Antiquities.

All of our replicas are cast in Hydrocal which is a high quality gypsum cement. Being made of gypsum they have a stone-like quality which is totally absent in any resin casting; in addition Hydrocal takes color quite well which produces a final replica specimen that looks remarkably like the original, sometimes indistinguishable. The end result is a reproduction that looks and feels almost identical to the original artifact.

Dr. Steve Nicklas 

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Classic Antiquities Last Witch in Scotland Tombstone 

14.5 x 11.5 inches
Item 1188 

Category: Replicas
Type: Wall Plaques
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Hominids & Humans


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