Triceratops, baby humerus

A baby Triceratops, one of the rarest of fossil dinosaur discoveries. Compare these photos to my hand and an adult Triceratops humerus.

In 2006 near Jordan, Montana, a Triceratops quarry was discovered. The quarry contained a sub-adult Triceratops partial skull and skeleton, and elements from a baby Triceratops. The first two elements from the baby that were found were the left humerus and the right dentary. The humerus (6.25" long) was complete and dentary was 50% complete. As preparation continued on the sub-adult material, the left dentary was discovered! This one was complete, allowing for the length of the dentary to be known (5.25 inches)! With the left one found complete, the right one could be reconstructed.

Now, these very rare and unique replicas are available. Each dentary has a tooth in it! This is truly a unique set of replicas. With these elements, it can be estimated how big the triceratops was. It is guessed to be less than 3 feet long, with a skull less than 12 inches!

The first Tyrannosaurus rex was collected within 100 miles of the Triceratops site by Barnum Brown over 100 years ago.

These specimens are from the late Cretaceous.


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Triceratops, baby humerus 

6.25 inches long
Item 1111 

Category: Replicas
Type: Bones
Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Dinosaurs


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Triceratops, baby humerus

Triceratops, baby humerus

Triceratops, baby humerus

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